The right conversation changes everything. Musicians call it having ‘ears’ - the ability to listen through noise to find soul. At Rediffusion-Wunderman, we find human truth in the clutter of numbers. So we can create impactful conversations between our clients and their customers.

Sure, those conversations often end with the production of award-winning creative work. But that's because they always start with listening. Customers tell us what they want. We listen, respond, listen some more and adjust.

It's marketing that's more direct than ever. And more successful than ever for our clients.

In India, Rediffusion-Wunderman has a wide footprint with offices in key cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. In the Asia-Pacific region, we operate as part of the Rediffusion-Wunderman - Young & Rubicam Inc. partnership. Around the world, we are part of the WPP Group, one of the world's largest communications conglomerates, headquartered in New York.

While we have our own list of clients, we also work closely with other Y&R Group companies such as Rediffusion YR and Sudler & Hennessey to provide integrated marketing solutions.

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